Javeria Saud takes selfie with Sunny Leone and all hell breaks loose

09:18 PM | 31 Mar, 2018
Javeria Saud takes selfie with Sunny Leone and all hell breaks loose
Dubai- Javeria Saud and Sunny Leone happened to be in the same place at the same time in Dubai and where Javeria requested a picture with now Bollywood star. Taking picture with a celebrity is something we all do. Javeria shared the picture on her social media and people can’t stop the moral policing. It’s sad to see how people think, ruthless and petty. Randomly bumping into gorgeous sunny.


Things got bad when people started to diss Pakistani star for just taking a picture. Javeria Saud getting trolled for taking a picture makes me rethink about every single action of mine in such conservative society, tbh.

Your thoughts aren’t even taking you to heaven LOL!

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Says some unknown person over the internet:

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Such people should stay off the internet as it has a lot of stuff to offer from porn to religious teachings why don’t you switch your tab to something more educational? Btw One scorpion added for cursing LOL!!

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And how is that going to bother you? Don’t watch even if she is invited on some morning show.

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This is how lame some people can be:

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E online

That awkward moment when you google Sasha Grey, this guy sure has done his research well on Sasha and her professional background:

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It is sad to see people spreading such negativity in the world. Sunny Leone has said goodbye to the adult industry forever and shouldn’t be judged on what she has done in her past as people learn and grow. Even Islam preaches us tolerance, forgiveness and love for all regardless of who they are. We should all start learning from that.