Honda increases motorbike prices by up to Rs9,000 (Check updated prices here)

07:44 PM | 31 May, 2022
Honda increases motorbike prices by up to Rs9,000 (Check updated prices here)
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ISLAMABAD – Atlas Honda has again increased the prices of its motorbikes by up to Rs9,000 and new prices will be effective from June 1 (tomorrow).

According to the new price list issued by the automobile giant, the price of most selling unit Honda CD 70 has increased to Rs. 106,500, after hike of Rs3,600. The price of second most famous bike of the company, Honda CG 125, has been increased by Rs5,000, taking the rate to Rs168,500.

Premium bikes Honda CB 125F, and CB 150F’s saw an increase of Rs. 9,000.

New prices

Motorbike Old Price Revised Price Price Difference
CD-70 102,900 106,500 3,600
CD-70 Dream 109,500 113,500 4,000
Honda Pridor 139,900 144,900 5,000
CG-125 163,500 168,500 5,000
CG-125 SE 193,500 198,500 5,000
CB-125 F 244,900 253,900 9,000
CB-150 F 299,900 308,900 9,000
CB-150 F SE 303,900 312,900 9,000

It is the fourth price hike in the current year and the second within this month. Despite the spiraling prices, Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha sold hundreds of thousands of units in current fiscal year.

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Reports in local media suggest that Ministry of Industries and Production claimed that Pakistan’s bike industry has achieved over 90 percent localization and many structural and mechanical components are made in country.