As you’ve probably worked out, I’m the new advice columnist for you all at The Daily Pakistan Global, and thrilled to be so. Through my work with the Quilliam Foundation, various feminist groups and R2D, I’ve constantly heard your powerful, brave voices through the gloomy murmur of misogynists, oppressors and racists.

I love Pakistan in so many ways and I cannot wait to start hearing your stories and voices in a world that tends to only listen to men. You are not brainwashed little servants but brilliantly funny, intelligent and powerful individuals who stay strong in the face of so much hatred and cruelty- I’ve already met so many of you who shine brighter than any western paper could ever suggest. I’ve studied Islam and Pakistan throughout my degree and I can tell you one thing: you are every bit as valuable, brave and strong as anyone else. I’ve heard about your marches, your protests, your secret networks and rebellions against men who would see you chained in silence to tradition and servitude. I don’t care if you are Muslim, atheist, Hindu, Christian, dark skinned, fair skinned, educated, poor, rich, young or old- you matter and its time the world heard your problems and your voices.

So please, keep fighting for a tomorrow where the women of Pakistan can be free to live in a Pakistan they want, and deserve. And if you ever need someone to listen to your unhappinesses, no matter how small or enormous, I’ll be here. We might live in very different societies but we share the blood of the sisterhood. It can be useful to hear a different perspective from another culture, and I offer you that. Hang in there. I promise you the time will come when, as here, misogyny will die at our feet. It just takes patience, hard work and bravery.

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Madelaine Hanson

Madelaine Hanson

The author is a journalist and anthropologist, English, Jewish. Interested in religion and women’s rights. She can be reached at