KARACHI – The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) experienced bearish trend on Friday, shedding 65.79 points to drop to 46633.99 points.

The stocks witnessed the highest trading level of 46826.71 points and lowest level of 46443.22 points, with the volume of over 229.38 million shares and value of Rs 10.52 billion. As many as 380 companies were active, of which 192 advanced, 163 declined and 25 remained unchanged.

Pak Int. Bulk remained volume leader with 37.25 million shares, shedding Rs 1.64 to finish at Rs 33.54. It was followed by Engro Polymer with 26.43 million shares, adding Rs 0.67 to end at Rs 18.19 and Dost Steels Ltd with 12.62 million shares, losing Rs 0.33 to close at Rs 10.43.

The top three gainers were Rafhan Maize with price per share of 8400 (400), Bata (Pak) with price per share of 4781.79 (226.79) and Philip Morris Pak share of 2506.25 (106.25).

The top three losers were Wyeth Pak Ltd with price per share of 4553.54 (-100.90), Sapphire Tex with price per share of 1290 (-60) and Siemens Pak per share of 1499.43 (-40.90).