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Currently working through his Bachelors in Computer Sciences and Business Management from BNU, Salar Shamas aims to be more than just a degree holder after his graduation from the university in Tarogil, Lahore. Trying to become a businessman after his Bachelors is just Salar’s way of attaining stability, but the 21 year old’s heart really lies in the music industry.

Salar is a semi-professional singer/songwriter with a unique sense of pop music. He found his passion for the art when he saw his father playing the harmonium, and decided to join him by jamming on the keyboard. He was 7 years old back then, and now is a multi-instrumentalist who can play the keyboard, drums, bass, guitar along with the natural ability to sing his heart out.

Salar (third from left) playing one of many live gigs with the BNU Music Society.

When Salar joined BNU in the spring of 2015, the first society he decided to join was the Beaconhouse National University Music Society, with whom he still plays at various events held on campus. He has even started his own label company alongside Syed Irtaza Gillani by the name of Shamas-Kaari – a community for young and upcoming musicians on the scene.

Salar is now set to unveil his first solo single tomorrow through his Shamas-Kaari label. We at Daily Pakistan got a sneak peek of the track before release and when we say tears were held back, we mean tears were held back as Salar’s glorious vocals filled the room. The track’s titled “Tujhse Door” and is set to be released on Patari, Soundcloud and Facebook.

We got in touch with Salar through a telephone conference, and got to know what the upcoming single is about.

“Depression. Plain and simple. It’s something that too many of us face at too young an age these days we need to talk about it. People lock themselves up, when they should be open about the battles that are going on inside their heads. We need to address this issue, and we need to address it now. If one’s facing mental illness, they should never be ashamed to talk about it.”

You can listen to a teaser for the upcoming single below –

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Facebook – Salar Shamas
Soundcloud – Salar Shamas