ISLAMABAD – Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has demanding shutting down country’s lower house of the parliament, here on Friday.

Talking to newsmen outside Supreme court where he showed up for Panama case hearing, he condemned the ruckus that broke out between members of his party and ruling PML-N.

‘What is the need of such an assembly? Shut it down and save the nation’s taxes’ he added.

‘What bothered them so much? That PTI as opposition questioned them to answer whether Nawaz Sharif had lied in the assembly or whether he had lied before the larger bench?’ the PTI chairman asked.

The cricketer turned politician asserted that this was opposition’s right to make Nawaz Sharif accountable like prime minister and president around the world are bound to do so.

He took a swipe at PML-N and termed it a fascist party adding that such incidents occurred in past as well.

The PTI supremo maintained that the corruption of 12 billion rupees everyday was Pakistan’s main issue.

National Assembly on Thursday became a wrestling arena as a scuffle broke out between the opposition and government lawmakers who exchanged blows and pushed one another.