ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan revealed on Monday the data of state-owned land in KP, Punjab and federal areas where rest houses and official residences are built.

The prime minister had sought a report on land used by government officials which he has now received, with surprising figures.

Khan shared on Twitter that 90% of state-owned land in KP, Punjab and federal areas include 34,459 kanals in rural areas and 17,035 kanals in urban areas.

The 22nd premier shared that just the urban land with buildings was worth over Rs.300 billion.

He further decried that a country that has to borrow money to pay interest on its loans and whose daily interest payment is Rs 5 billion, was sitting on huge amounts of dead capital.

PM Khan Orders Removal of Encroachments

The prime minister has also directed the capital’s administration to restore Islamabad’s lost beauty and remove encroachments on state land.

Imran Khan directed Capital Development Authority (CDA) officials to ensure the restoration of the traditional greenery of the capital.

Moreover, CDA officials were also directed to provide the PM with comprehensive plans pertaining to the issue.