KARACHI (Web Desk) – The Sindh Assembly turned into a battlefield on Thursday when members of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) started brawling and verbally abusing each other during the budget session.

The clash broke out when Shameem Mumtaz of PPP criticized the opposition members for pinpointing flaws in the provincial budget.

She said if the opposition MQM would talk about leaders in Dubai, they should also take to task those in London, referring to the party’s in absentia chief Altaf Hussain.

Shameem added that none of the PPP ministers were involved in money laundering and those involved in this practice were criticizing the government.

At this, the MQM leaders got up from their seats leading the situation to eventually boil down to a physical fight, the Express Tribune reported.

One MQM member said he would even subject the late Benazir Bhutto to criticism, causing the further uproar in the House. Khawaja Izhar, senior MQM leader, kept intervening to stop the scuffle.

The session was adjourned until Friday morning.