MULTAN – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Tuesday that those who claimed to build Naya Pakistan have failed, taking a jibe at PTI supremo Imran Khan.

The premier while addressing a jubilant crowd after the inauguration of metro bus project in Multan expressed that who were hurling abuses and allegations at him should first take a look at themselves.

“Where is the Naya Pakistan that was being promised? I am unable to see it,” said the Prime Minister.

‘Those who cannot understand progress are standing in its way and trying their best to be an obstacle in development. Those who are abusing and taking part in dharnas should first see what they themselves are doing’ he added.

“The day is not far when their own secrets and actions will be exposed in front of the whole world,” he observed.

While detailing the benefits of metro bus for citizens, he claimed that the fare of Rs. 20 of metro bus was equivalent to that of Lahore metro bus as he turned down the proposal to increase the fare.

He said that the revenue received from the service was much lesser than the amount spent on it to make it functional. One should understand the difficulties the poor was undergoing in Multan.

The premier also disclosed the progress regarding the ongoing energy projects in the country and expressed that 10,000 MW electricity would enter the country’s system this year.

‘The government would end load-shedding by 2018’ reaffirmed the legislator.

Nawaz Sharif opined that the country was being connected through six-lane motorway to enable commuters to reach their destination with safety and luxury.

He promised a health scheme for the impoverished people of Pakistan, claiming that people from the whole country would reap its benefits.

Nawaz assured the people that once the health scheme was launched, it would ensure proper treatment to the patients at an affordable price.

Punjab Governor Rafique Rajwana, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah and other high-ranking officials accompanied the PM at the project’s inauguration ceremony.

Another political stalwart and former PML-N member Javed Hashmi also attend the events amid rumours that he would formally join PML-N once again today but no such announcement was made.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif mentioned Hashmi in his speech while Cheif Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif formally thanked him for attending the inauguration ceremony.