London- Beloved Lady Diana was not only beautiful but she was a strong woman who was highly opinionated. She ditched royal protocols for her comfort and fun. Paparazzi was in love with her personality as she would be herself and enjoy all the attention. Here are five top moments of Lady Diana we can relate to because after all she was just like us.

1) Funny pictures:

There are a number pictures which show how fun and outgoing Lady Di was, she would take goofy pictures rather than posing serious all the time. This was the reason people loved her even more because she would do whatever she felt like. Our camera rolls are full of such goofy pictures!

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2) Zoning out:

Lady Di would cone out every now and then to take out time for herself and her thoughts regardless of her environment. PRIORITIES! She would contemplate on life whenever, wherever! We all have been in this situation.

I’ll just play with my dress, think about food and life. Me every time I go out.

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3) Too tired to dress up:

Flawless princess Di was a trendsetter but even she had days when she wouldn’t dress up. Her don’t care look screams to us. Waking up in the morning and wearing the most comfortable attire is our ultimate goal, life struggles.

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Don’t look at me I just want to be comfortable!!

4) Nap wherever we can:

All that hectic routine and galas are noting we can compare our lives with but all the work and study troubles do make it difficult for us to get enough sleep. Finding ourselves the perfect spot to nap away from bed is a blessing. She has done that gracefully tho we might look like homeless people, lol.

5) Making sure the kids behave:

If you are a parent you can relate to this the most otherwise people who have to babysit or are forced in a situation where they have to take care of the kids, THIS IS US! Making sure the naughty ones don’t break anything. Me every time I have to babysit: I’ll give you a penny if you don’t break anything!