The screening & red carpet premiere of 8969 was recently held in Lahore at the Luxus Grand Hotel.


 According to the director, Azeem Sajjad, who is also the male lead in the film, it is based on true events; a film focusing on discouraging the youth from the misuse of Social Media.


The film also brings awareness among people about values of relations and humanity, stated Azeem Sajjad, in conversation with Lifestyle journalist Annam Lodhi.

8969 has been shot in the outskirts of Lahore.


The music held a bonus track in the form of a classic song which had been remixed as a tribute to Pakistani cinema, along with some original soundtracks.

The cast included Azeem Sajjad, Saba Qamar, Hussain Tiwana, Sadaf Hamid, Haseeb Khan, Anam Malik, Ali Jibran Khan and many others.


The music for the film was given by Raheel Fayyaz, while the movie was produced under the banner of AJ Khan. The script and direction was done by Azeem Sajjad.