We’ve been keeping tabs on the much publicized and spoken about couple, boxer King Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom, ever since their decision on divorce proceedings, and it’s interesting to say that their story has taken another hitch down the road.

Apparently, Amir could lose half of his estimated fortune worth £25 million in a divorce battle with wife Faryal Makhdoom and transfer that amount of his wealth to her.

The couple split very suddenly in a bitter public quarrel on the giant micro blogging platform Twitter earlier this month, which sonly eems to be getting worse with time.

The starting point will be a 50:50 division of all assets,” solicitor Harold Walker commented in a conversation with an international newspaper.

His lawyers might argue that his cash is tied up in family businesses and investments but that will make no difference apart from to draw the process out.

He will be told to break-up any firms and sell any investments to make sure he can pay the money into court.”

Not only this, Amir could also lose custody of his daughter Lamaisah as well as their upcoming baby (being hit with child support) that Faryal announced she is expecting a week ago.

Faryal has already made claims of raising the baby alone as the pair continue to fight their divorce battle. She also recently cropped the boxer out of her pictures.

“Faryal’s announcement came as a shock to everyone involved but she doesn’t want anything more from Amir now,” her friends said.