Anushka Sharma: “I am not very social by nature”

  • "I have zero time to do anything other than working.”

MUMBAI – Bollywood actress recently Anushka Sharma spoke about having zero time for fickle conversations. As an actor and a producer she spoke about being emotionally independent  and explained her social isolation saying, “I am friendly with everyone. I appreciate and respect people; they’re fun to be with. But, in general, I’m an emotionally independent person. I’ve never been someone who shares too much about my emotional state with everybody.”

She continued saying, “I can’t have futile conversations. After I come back from a party, I feel drained emotionally and intellectually that I actually have to do something to feel better — so I watch TV or read something. At parties, the music is so loud. You can’t really have conversations with people. And I don’t like small talk because I feel it has no value. Sometimes you have to do it, but I don’t enjoy it.”

The past few years have been very busy for Anushka. She has been releasing films back to back. As time consuming as everything is, she talked about how she preferred spending time with her family instead of going out and partying.

“In the past couple of years, whatever work you’ve seen of mine, you can tell that there has been a range that I’ve tried to achieve. And it has been so consuming that I’ve not had time for anything else. So whatever time I get to unwind, I like to spend it with my family.”