MUMBAI (Web Desk) – Bollywood actress cum model Arshi Khan is once again in the news for making claims of being invited by a leading Pakistani channel to participate in reality show “Arshi Ka Swayamvar”.

According to Indian media the actress, who previously claimed of having sex with Pakistan cricket star Shahdi Afridi, said that she has received such offers and that she is in negotiations to decide about dates of recording of the reality show.

“My passport is currently expired and I have applied for it’s renewal to visit Pakistan,” she said.

She also confirmed the news when asked at her Twitter account.

However Arshi Khan refused to reveal the name of Pakistani channel citing confidentiality clause with the channel. Once the dates are final the channel would itself make a formal announcement, she said.

Media reports further add that “Arshi Ka Swayamvar” would be reality show in which Arshi Khan will have choose her groom from a group of participants.

While discussing the reason behind invitation to Arshi, the report said the Indian actress has more than fifty percent of her twitter followers from Pakistan.

It is also pertinent to be mentioned here that Pakistan’s leading channel Geo TV aired a reality show named “Meera Pati” featuring country’s film actress Meera as the one who had to choose the most suitable husband for her.

Earlier Arshi Khan tweeted “yes I am ready to marry Shahid Afridi if he asks me to” after the actress said that she has had sex with Pakistani cricketer super star Shahid Afridi.

The Indian actress, who is reportedly going to be part of upcoming season of controversial reality show Big Boss, further requested to stop asking same question again and again.

She had previously denied having any relationship with the cricketer, claiming they “are very good friends. We met socially a few times, that’s all.”

Interestingly, reports also claimed that the Bhopal-born model had spent quality time with the Pakistan T20 International captain in Dubai.