KSA- Females went crazy as if it was some sale for s glimpse of Kuwaiti fashionista who made an appearance at Al Taif mall over the weekend. This sight was not pretty and the videos are going viral!

The crowd pushed and shoved each other to take pictures of social media celebrity Dr Kholoud. Hundreds of spectators gathered around her. People over the internet cannot believe the large number of people gathered for the celebrity.

Twitter has got some reaction y’all.

Several were even even injured during this experience:


“Welcoming Dr Kholoud”:

“Dr Kholoud deserves this welcoming, she’s loved by everyone.”

Or maybe not:

“Just saw this video of these Taif girls welcoming Dr Kholoud.This is truly so embarrassing.”

Are these fans for real?:

“Are those Dr Kholoud fans serious?”

Over dramatic reactions:

“That was a bit over.”

Fans had not thought twice before jumping on to each other to get a glimpse of the social media celebrity. All this for an event?


All in the love of Dr Kholoud: