Rumours of an upcoming film featuring Saadia Khan and Mikaal Zulfiqar were abuzz, however, the release date is still not official.

The movie is expected in March 2017 for now.

Starring Shamoon Abbasi, Resham along with the two leads, the movie is going to highlight the 1971 war, according to sources.

It has been directed, produced and written by anchor-turned-filmmaker Kamran Shahid, son of legendary actor Shahid Hameed, popularly known as Shahid.


The cast of the film includes Sadia Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Shamoon Abbasi and Resham.

Sadia Khan and Mikaal Zulfiqar will be the protagonists while Shamoon Abbasi will be the antagonist.

Speaking to an online publication, Abbasi stated, “The genre of the movie is history, romance and action. I am playing the antagonist in the movie and I am loving my part already”.