Many women would agree that not everyday is a ‘good looking’ day, and yes, we mean at (face) value!

The kind of foundation you use would affect your makeup overall: making you look like a vampire or making you look like a queen. Yes, that’s right, we’ve all had our ‘oops, the foundation’s too loud’ moments when we put on make-up in dim lights.

The choice is yours, so indulge yourself into a little information about WHY our foundation tends to stick out too much, looks caked and what are the reasons for foundation not settling our makeup enough!

Let’s find out:

1.You’re not preparing your face properly:

The no.1 mistake women tend to make is the emphasis on having layers and layers of foundation on, however the first and foremost thing they forget is to make sure their skin has been moisturised properly.

Once your skin is smooth and silky, the finishing look will be much more smoother.


2.Stop caking it on:

Even if you’re not caking it on, it does not mean you are still saved from going overboard. The best makeup artists in the world use very little foundation on faces-except where it’s ACTUALLY needed. Concealers are their personal favourites. Most of the times, one or two drops on the entire face is more than enough foundation (according to the experts).

By taking time to work into the skin with a sponge, thorough coverage is formed, without the need for any extra product. It looks like a natural finish (which is basically the purpose of a cover-up foundation).

3. You’re not customizing your foundation:

If you’re just picking a shade of foundation and swiping on a layer of it, you’re limiting yourself from your skin’s full potential! The perfect base HAS TO BE MADE. There is no other way to form the perfect foundation on your face. Most of the times, it is a mixture of different hues and formulas to achieve the perfect tone, texture and finish.

We do agree: It takes ALOT of hardwork to find the perfect base colour for your skin type and skin need! (Also a reason why make-up artists charge for their profession: it is a skill most of us would LOVE to have!)

One of the make-up hacks you REALLY need in your life is mixing a couple of drops of your foundation (assuming it’s liquid) with serum, face oil or moisturizer-this not only gives you a smoother finish, but also avoids dryness or cakiness as the day goes by.


4. You’re not choosing the right colour:

There are not too many number of shades of foundation out there in the market, however, it doesn’t hurt to experiment to find out that ONE shade that suits you above all.

However, how do we find out which is the right shade for our complexion? Here’s the trick: take a small smudge of the product and tap it onto your cheek. If the liquid blends and disappears, it’s the right shade for your skin.

Make-up experts also tell women to refrain from matching the foundation on their necks.

5. You’re not blending correctly:

Keep blending, till you know there’s no amount of base on your face that could become caky! If you’re using a sponge, use one side of the sponge to dot the product all over your face. Flip to the other side and blend the foundation.

Make-up artists say take extra care of reaching out for the often neglected spots such as the hairline, jawline, and neck.


6. Don’t pile up too much powder:

We’ve all seen the celebrity pictures in which they’ve piled on too much powder!


Mineral powder reflects light-which comes off as a flour-like finish if you’re posing for pictures. Absorbing excess shine and setting the makeup is important, so NEVER SKIP IT!

A little sprinkle of powder on the brush, tapping the excess off before sweeping it across the face is the only recommended way to put on foundation.