Canada based bloggers Sham Idrees and Froggy are now in the middle of extreme internet trolling. All this started when other YouTubers, especially ‘Ducky Bhai’, took it upon himself to unveil the lies and scripted pranks which were being shown to people on the internet.

Twitter went crazy over this video. People were calm and fine until Froggy started to include ‘Pakistan’ and ‘Pakistani’s’ in her tweets. That’s went things went bad and people are trolling Sham and Froggy.

Lets get personal?

The video made by Ducky Bhai went so viral that it is number 1 trending video on YouTube.

Who Amir Liaquat? This is Sham Idrees:

Ducky Bhai was not alone on this. Other youtubers like Daniyal Khan Tahreem made a video providing proofs of how the duo manipulates the minds of people.

The duo is losing subscribers real fast as people are uniting against alleged ‘fake’ and ‘copied’ content:

More memes:

Sham Idrees banned words like ‘fake’, ‘Copied’ and such words from his YouTube account but that didn’t stop people from commenting:

People got really angry when the advocates of #respectHijab Froggy, Sham made a hip hop/rap dance and music video while Froggy flaunted a hijab. They even made a hijab pulling prank video which was later renamed.

United forever:

However Froggy did a response video where she pointed out a few things which people don’t think are enough for the damage they’ve done and the lies they have told.

The videos they make aren’t even funny:

Lol, this!

However ‘shampions’ are still sending love and support for the duo online replying to the hate.

Fan base:

A poll was conducted by a Twitter user in which 863 people voted for who they think is fake and the results are clear.

Ducky bhai’s Video:

Froggy’s response:

And the most recent, Shake Idrees’s response:

Daniyal Khan Tareen on Sham Idrees: