"Parda aurat ka zevar hota hai", says Shahid Afridi amidst backlash

10:43 PM | 18 May, 2019
LAHORE - In Shahzeb Khanzada's transmisson on Geo, Shahid Afridi talked about his decisions regarding the women of his family.

He said "pardah aurat ka zevar hai".

The celeb previously received severe backlash when he said he will not be letting his kids get into the cricket world.

“I am a Muslim. I am a Pathan. My family has some values. I know what my daughters want to do. One of my daughters wants to join me in running my foundation and it is my desire as well, second wants to become a designer, third wants to go to the Army Public School and College.

“They like to play cricket but only at home. I allow my daughters to do whatever they want but indoor and wearing a veil as my religion teaches me that. A woman’s jewelry is her veil.

“I believe home is the school for children and parents are their teachers. Once their strong foundation is laid, they are able to differentiate between the right and the wrong, and understand that the correct path for them is to follow their parents.

Now he went on to say the following:

“I will definitely give my daughters the freedom to explore their talents. No girl in my Pathan family had made a speech on stage before, but my daughter did.

“I urge all to allow their children to do whatever they want as this is their talent and I always support that.”

We wonder how women would react to a statement like this!