LAHORE – Fahad Mustafa shamed a girl for the portrait that she made for him when she attended his show, Jeeto Pakistan. Let us clear this out, we absolutely think her drawing was strikingly alike to Fahad for real. But the girl, Anum, was told by the show host to never draw again, which may have been a bit too harsh for a young girl who possibly must have really thought she should give up the idea when her token of appreciation was rejected.

Fahad has been under fire earlier too when he body shamed women to entertain his audience. Someone had written about his behaviour earlier on social media, “I think it is fair to remind him that women can go through a lot of changes throughout the years & they can have a lot of health/hormonal issues, so not every other woman carries a lot of weight because she wishes to, but may be because she can have some problems which lead to the weight gain, so how can he comment so casually on that? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a segment in which Fahad Mustafa calls & I quote ‘moti moti taazi taazi auntiyaan’, weighs them in, makes fun of their weight & then compensates then with a free bike & a bike ride.”

Before fat shaming women, Fahad ironically forgets he too was once quite chubby, taunts social media.

However this time, Anum has gotten the attention of an institute like IBA for the sole purpose to offer her a scholarship.

Comic Con PK has approached her too.

Wow, we wish there is always such a great ending to a rough start!