Gore Verbinski in talks with Fox to direct X-Men Spin-Off ‘Gambit’

  • Gambit was initially scheduled for release on October 7, 2016.

Sources tell that American film director, screenwriter Gore Verbinski is in talks with Fox for directing the E-Men Spin-off ‘Gambit’. Starring Channing Tatum as Gambit, the X-Men spin-off has been the talk of the studio since its announcement at San Diego Comic-Con 2015, where Channing Tatum playing the role of one of the favourite characters of X-Men series was also announced.


After a delay in the movie’s set release date for October 7, 2016, it seems that the director of The Ring, Pirates of he Carribean, and Rango will be directing it.


The new date for the release of the movie has not been out yet. However The next installments in the Fox X-Men-related movies will be The New Mutants (4/13/18), Deadpool 2 (6/1/18), and X-Men: Dark Phoenix (11/2/18).





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