Contributed By: Mina Jahangir

Change is a very crucial part of our lives as women for it allows us to evolve in a better, chicer and more confident self. But while we are always quick to change our wardrobe, bags, heels and accessories, haircuts and hair colours are always regarded with suspicions and dilemmas of playing it safe.

Let this season be the season of NOT PLAYING IT SAFE, but rather, indulging in risky hair transformations that will really give birth to a NEW YOU.

On this note, let us feast our eyes on the hottest hair colour transformations for the season:

Ash Brown

A wonderful new hair colour technique for brunettes who wish to revamp their brown hair without making a drastic change. Ashy grey highlights, low-lights and streaks are all the rage, and brunettes are at a great advantage because they don’t have to undergo multiple colouring sessions to achieve the look.


Blorange is the hottest new hair colour trend on the beauty radar, and women all over the globe just can’t seem to get enough of its voguish chicness. It takes its name from blood orange mixed with ginger and peach to create the blorange hue. It’s a great pick if you’re a natural blonde. Brunettes however should limit their experimentations to blorange highlights and low lights if they want to play it safe.


Bronde is the new black and women are flaunting these intensely voguish blonde-brown locks with sheer confidence that addictive. Basically, it involves the coordination of brown, blonde and balayage highlights and the effect, as you can see, is utterly stunning!

Chocolate Mauve

Chocolate rose gold and mauve highlights have taken over Instagram with the storm, and if you’re looking for an exclusive hair transformation that will work wonders at setting your apart, this is it baby.

You can experiment with chocolate dyes and mauve highlights, or a chocolate brown base with glossy metallic rose gold low lights perhaps.

Colour Melting

This stunning technique is all the rage this season, and we all have good reason to obsess about its glamour. Colour melting is about combining several hues, primarily blonde, brown, gold, balayage and caramel, to create a vibrant fluidity that literally allows the colours to spring alive with every little shake of the head. Experimentation opportunities are endless, and you can melt any and every colour that strikes your fancy.

Metallic Hues

Metallic hair colours have really raised the bar for hair transformations this season. Their shiny and glossy vibrancy is utterly gorgeous, and even unusual hues like mermaid blue, grey and sea green look irrevocably beautiful. If you are bold and confident enough to flaunt a metallic hair colour transformation, we implore you to go for rose gold or mermaid blue blended with ashy grey, for these two have taken the beauty industry literally by the storm!

Rose Gold

‘Tis the perfect year to flaunt a gorgeously glossy rose gold mane for this trend has made glamour waves both, on the red carpet and the runway. Celebrities and beauty bloggers are obsessing over this stunning hair colour trend, and you have no good reason to deny yourself such voguish chicness. You can blend in rose gold with orange-gingery hues, deep reds and glossy browns. And if you’d rather play it safe, go for rose gold low-lights instead.


Red is always and forever a la mode, and the perfect pick for a life changing look-revamping transformation that causes your friends to do double takes to recognize you. And this season is the perfect time to go red because there’s an insanely sexy new shade on the beauty radar: Russet.

Russet is a vibrant brick red blended with brown, and its undeniable glamour will work wonders at filling up your face with life and energy.

Tiger Eye

This exotic hair colour trend is inspired by the exotic tiger eye stone and its magical healing powers. It basically blends in three to four hues, primarily blonde, brown, black, balayage and caramel, to achieve the delightful colour fluidity of the tiger eye peddle.