MUMBAI (Web Desk) – There are reports that Jackie and Ayesha Shroff’s daughter Krishna has gone ‘topless’ in pictures that she has posted on a social network. Ever since those pics went viral there are rumours of Tiger’s sister following her brother into an acting career.

Krishna who made an acclaimed documentary last year dismisses an acting career for herself. “I’d love to be part of Bollywood. It is such amazing industry that’s given my family so much. However I am not looking at an acting career. At least not any time soon.”

Says Krishna, “It was basically just a photoshoot that my best-friend and I did for fun in my bedroom with nobody to share the experience with except ourselves. My friend is a photographer who is building her portfolio to further her career. The two of us like to have fun with the camera and just shoot whatever the mood of the moment. And since I like to put up aesthetic pictures for my private Instagram page it’s a win-win situation for both my photographer friend and me. As simple as that!”

Krishna Shroff completed a documentary on the trans-gender community which she shot on her own. The documentary entitled Black Sheep takes a lingering but dispassionate look at the trans-gender community.