In conversation with the beautiful Aiman Khan

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Aiman Khan is a name we all know and a face we all recognize. She has taken the drama industry by storm with her amazing acting skills and looks. After this interview one thing is for sure she is not just some teenager going big on-screens but she is a strong, ambitious girl who has goals and dreams. Aiman is not shy to show her love for beau Muneeb and lovely sister Minal Khan.

Fame comes with a price and In her case she paid this price by swapping her normal teenage life for something bigger, women representation in Pakistani Industry. Aiman is a true inspiration for every girl who wants to make big in our industry.

Q: What have you learnt about being an actress/ model in Pakistani Industry?
Aiman: Patience, support from fellow actors. People love each other, I’m grateful that people love me so much.

Q: How things are different now in the industry from when you started?
Aiman: I was a child star when I started so things are quite different now from when I started, people are more courteous, more attentive, and more punctual.

Q: How does it feel like to be one of the leading stars of Pakistani industry that too at such young age?
Aiman: I feel honored being one of the youngest lead actresses, and I know that not every child star becomes a lead actor. I’m grateful and humbled.

Q: Have you ever been treated differently because of your age?
Aiman: Ever since we started, we have been addressed by our senior actors and actresses as kids, and they still show us the same affection that they did when we were young and used to go to sets with our mother.

Q: Do you feel young stars treated same as the experienced stars working in the industry?
Aiman: By the grace of God, I’ve always felt great respect towards our elders, and senior artists, and perhaps that is why we always got respect back, for which both Minal and I are eternally grateful.

Q: One thing which you really miss about being a normal teenager?
Aiman: I miss my teen the most, I always craved normalcy during my teenage years. We could never go out late in our PJ’s, always had to be ready and dressed and on top of our game.

Q: Tell us about your worst workplace experience as a Female in three words.
Aiman: I don’t remember one, it’s always challenging but nice.

Q: As being a girl what gender biases you have faced working in this industry?
Aiman: I don’t believe so, I think over time we have evolved as a nation, especially in terms of balance, equality and tolerance. The industry has grown also, and I think now men and women are treated similarly and gender biases have dissolved to a great extent.

Q: Pakistani industry is dominated by men, what’s your take on this statement?
Aiman: I don’t really think that the Pakistani industry is dominated by men, as our female artists are just as talented and sought after.

It’s time to spill some beans now, we can’t wait for you to answer our rapid fire round which is all about games and fun insights.

Q: What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Aiman: Watching The Devil Wears Prada

Q: What are the three things you don’t leave your house without?
Aiman: My phone, my makeup vanity and my internet device.

Q: ​Who is on your guest list for your ideal dinner party?
Aiman: Minal and I share our guest lists and we’re fond of everyone, so it’s hard to pinpoint a certain few.

Q: Put the following actresses in order from best to good:
A) Mahira Khan
B) Mawra Hocane
C) Saba Qamar
D) Minal Khan (wink)
Aiman: Minal, Mahira, Saba Qamar, Mawra

Q: I’ll name dramas and you will have to mention one thing you like about your character.
A) Ghar Titli ka Par – Love
B) Kaif-e-Baharan – Principles
C) Ishq Tamsha – Integrity
D) Baydardi – Loyalty

Q: Which celebrity closet you would want to raid and why?
Aiman: Minal’s, because it’s always locked, so I’m usually curious.

Q: One thing you would want to change about Muneeb Butt which annoys/bothers you the most?
Aiman: Muneeb is quite careless, so

Q: Share last three dialed numbers on your phone.
Aiman: Muneeb, Minal and Moaz, my brother

Pick one:
Date night with Muneeb or Sleepover with Minal
Sleepover with Minal

Q: One thing you can’t live without?
Aiman: Respect and love

Q: What’s one cause which is dear to your heart? ​
Aiman: Feeding the poor and maintaining a balance between classes.

Q: What’s the funniest thing you have ever read about yourself on the internet?
Aiman: People have been saying that we’re hooked to supplements for weight loss and the skin-tone lightning injections. That was hilarious and weird at the same time.

Q: Who is the funniest person you know?
Aiman: Muneeb is the funniest person I know

Q: ​Who has left you most star struck?
Aiman: Muneeb Butt