Ali Zafar is clever, witty, fun & our recent favourite after his latest Twitter escapade!

A young woman by the name of Hira ‘Hyder’ asked the sexy heartthrob to answer her questions, as she would ‘deem her journalistic career complete’ if she got to interview the charming Ali Z, or whatever floats the boat for girls these days.

However, very surprisingly, Ali Zafar replied to this young woman, and claimed that ‘she should’ve asked for something else’. HMMM!? We wonder what he was hinting at exactly?

Moving on, the girl asked Ali Zafar a set of 7 questions, all available on Ali Z’s official Twitter account.


A hot-shot in the industry, talking to a ‘hot-shot’ journalist. Smells nice, doesn’t it?!

Jokes apart, we are so overwhelmed by this gesture by the rockstar that we are NOW hoping to get our words through to him via Twitter also. For that, however, we may have to change our profile pictures to our hotter versions though.

(Photoshop, I love you!)

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