Bollywood actor Kajol posted a video on Monday, which quickly became grist for the gossip mill.

In the video, Kajol celebrates her presence at a pop lunch and is ecstatically describing what she is about to eat: is that a beef dish that she has set her eyes on?

This viral video was deleted from her Instagram and Facebook handles after the numerous amount of negative comments that poured in. Though, Kajol later clarified that it was actually ‘buffalo meat,’ we beg to differ with the evidence right in front of us.

Here’s what the Twitterati had to say:

It’s a beautiful Sunday life ! 🥘 fun and 😂😂. @foodstories_1

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In order to avoid a massive lunge from India’s very controversial ban on beef, Kajol had to take to Twitter to further the misunderstanding.

Kajol wrote, “A video of me at a friend’s lunch said that there was a beef dish at the table. That’s a miscommunication. What was shown was buffalo meat, that is legally available meat. I’m issuing this clarification because this is a sensitive matter that may hurt religious sentiments, which is not my intention.”

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