According to sources Kangana Ranaut hired Hrithik Roshan’s ex-manager 


This Bollywood drama dates way back to long battles and exchange of love stories on social media where Hrithik and Kangana both used public platforms to make sure that their sidebar of the story is put out there. Many questions have raised as this new twist kicks in.

This high profile ex’s are doing different things to prove points is this the main reason why Kangana hired his Ex-manager , Anjali who is working with a company called Exceed, which happens to be the same company who managed Hrithik’s work, life, routine and etc for 12 years.

Angali explained how she was unemployed for seven months, she explained how excited she was and how she will be keeping it professional by not sharing any information of her ex-client Hrithik Roshan with her new client Kangana Ranaut.

Kangana on the other hand was quick to address this stir, a statement was posted in which her publicst stated:

“Kangana knew Anjali from before and liked her work. When Anjali approached her for a job, she was hired by Bling (the agency that manages Kangana) as the manager in place of the other girl who is taking a break because of her impending marriage. It is an absolutely professional relationship. Hrithik is also working with Vikas Bahl who got established as a director with Queen. So there are no complications at professional level.”

At the end of the day just like everyone we are also thinking if this fued will ever end any time soon?