Lahore (web Desk) – Lahore Eat 2016 came to end this Sunday. It was a three days event that began on Friday evening and ended late on Sunday night. It was organized by CKO events and Latitude PR in Lahore.


After the success of Karachi Eat last month, there were rumors of a similar event happening in Lahore which finally turned into reality when Lahore witnessed one of the biggest Food Festivals in the Jillani Park (formerly known as Race Course Park). Lahore is known for its food and when it comes to a festival like this, Lahore has a lot of potential eateries to be gathered at one place.


The Lahore Eat placed a ticket of Rs 200 for entrance which was a huge amount for some. “It costed me Rs 1200 to buy tickets for my family which was 3/4th of the total amount I spent on food inside”, said a visitor.


The appreciating part about Lahore Eat was that it drew people from all demographics. Lahoris came out with their families after long to attend a festival which itself is a huge success for the event. And the best part was that stags were not allowed to enter the premises which made it a comfortable venue for families to come and enjoy their weekend. One does not have to be a victim of uncomfortable gazes and stares as the event was planned for families only.


However, the peculiar feature of Lahore Eat was bringing together all sorts of eateries in one ground. Be it be expensive fine dine restaurants, or road side dhabbas. And food items too in half the price of what they sell at their restaurants in routine.


Lahore Eat was not just a treat for visitors but local vendors and restaurants that placed their stalls at the festival benefited as huge crowd turn out to the festival which gave big business to these eateries.



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