It’s normal for actresses stepping into the rising world of fame and fandom to be compared to one another and other co-stars and co-actors as well. This is the case, not just with Pakistan, but other countries too. It’s more or less a global, world-wide and showbiz-y phenomenon!

Similar to India, where actresses such as Deepika and Priyanka are compared to each other based on their appearances and acting skills, Lollywood compares our two most famous actresses Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar debuting under big banners in Bollywood, to each other.

Though Mahira’s Raees did not get a green signal in Pakistan, people from all walks of life have still managed to feast their eyes on the infectious Irrfan-Saba starrer Hindi Medium, which managed to make its way into lots of hearts in the nation. The latter being a houseful in cinemas within the country for a consecutive 2 weeks, got a lot of appreciation and praise from home, and so did actress Saba Qamar for stealing the entire show!

Ever since then, comparing Mahira Khan to Saba Qamar and vice versa, has been all the talk of the town! Mahira has also finally broken the silence on the matter at hand, and here’s what she has to say:

I think I’m the only actor who gets compared to everybody and I fail to understand why. That said, I’m a huge supporter of Saba Qamar. I’m a fan and I want her to do well, I am rooting for her. If people find it cool to bring me down, go ahead if it rocks your boat. Sometimes it does get a little hurtful and at times I just wish to be left alone, but as far as I’m concerned, I wish everybody well from the bottom of my heart and I think Saba, of all the people, knows this better than anyone.

The two gorgeous actresses are completely fine with each other’s success! So let’s be happy that our superstars are making us proud internationally, and LIVE and LET LIVE!