All the way from acting and mimicry to transforming into a small time televangelist, Veena’s portfolio of skills are never ending. And this time around the ‘queen of melodrama’ is back with another controversy.

Recently in an interview, Veena was asked whether she had faced any harassment by any co-actor/colleague in her early life; she revealed:

Just like there is some dirt everywhere, Pakistani film industry also has one dirt and that is only Meera.

While explaining why Meera was so ‘bad’, Veena claimed that Meera had instructed someone to throw acid on her face. Also, apparently, Meera used to phone call Veena Malik to pressure her into leaving the film industry.

After revealing this much, Veena turned towards some logic and explained why this was happening within the industry. She believed it was all happening as the girls in the industry were coming from a specific background, mainly from red-light areas, which is quite a known fact in Pakistan. She added further that these girls don’t have an educational background, and Meera specifically had some psychological issues as well.

Veena emphasized that she was the one girl in the industry who set the trend of actresses from respectable families.

Is this another one of Veena’s publicity stunts? Was Veena justified in pointing fingers at Meera when she is accused of the same things? What do you have to say?