LAHORE – The  two hashtags, #MeToo and now #Timesup have been the voice of victims of sexual harassment since Hollywood’s disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein was ousted in late 2017.

As celebrities wore black specifically to Golden Globes for showing solidarity with the victims of sexual misconduct all across the globe, our very own talented actor Mehwish Hayat joined in the movement as she posted a thought provoking message for raising voice on the sensitive matter.


Mehwish captioned the image saying: “It is time for women of the world to stand up for their rights. Today, I wear black in solidarity with my industry colleagues in US and push this message to the women of my own homeland, Pakistan. We are no less than men by virtue of our gender. Harassment of any form is totally unacceptable and we will not tolerate it.”

However, it seems like this act did not sit well with many Pakistanis as criticism came under Mehwish’s post soon afterwards.

It is safe to say, most of the comments were on her choice of dressing and not the message.

However, there were a few comments that made some sense.

What’s your take on this?