LAHORE (Web Desk/PR) – Wedding gifts, giveaways and giving gifts in general is an ancient tradition in our culture that hasn’t recieved many upgrades over the years, however, one bold Pakistani startup has decided to change all that. Do you want to give a gift to your loved ones or to the gusts who attended you special event? You can be boring and wrap it up in brown paper, or you can use Mirth’s amazing and artsy gifts wrapping and customized packages to show that you really mean business when it comes to giving gifts.


As the name suggests, Mirth is in the business of delivering happiness. Through customized and unique giveaways crafted with the utmost detail and love, Mirth tries to make its customers and their loved ones feel special in their most treasured moments.

11720239_1609004159376958_514874227_oBe it a sincere gesture for a  neighbor next door, a life changing event like wedding ceremony or the birth announcement of your first child, Mirth offers elegant and classy gifting experience perfected to the customer’s desire. 


Whether it’s a birth announcement or birthday giveaways, wedding  thaals or Eidi trays, presents for a special occasion (graduation, hajj etc.) or simply a token of love – Mirth has got it all covered.


The journey of Mirth began in July 2015 and it has been expanding ever since. Mirth started off with exclusively printed boxes; however it has added glass, cane, rattan, cloth, burlap and wood.  


Mirth believes in constant product innovation and thus they are experimenting with new materials and designs all the time, and this is what has attracted its clients.


Mirth’s giveaways have landed across the globe, from university mementos in North America to wedding favors in Europe to corporate giveaways in the Middle East, and not to mention all over Pakistan for various occasions.


Mirth has differentiated itself in premium quality segment by developing its own paper sourcing and manufacturing arrangements.


Now customers don’t have to go abroad to do their giveaway shopping, they can simply select a design online or they can leave it to Mirth’s team to make it unique with Mirth’s handmade custom toppers and tags.


 Mirth has made the possibilities endless and it will be soon venturing into event planning to enhance end to end user experience.