Model & actress Fia Khan has just gotten engaged to a man from Berlin, Germany who is said to be of Turkish descent.

According to Fia, she has known him for quite a long time, and is now ready to settle down with the handsome young chap.

Fia shared pictures of her with her fiance on her official Instagram account, which were later shared by other social media agencies & later on went viral!

Congratulations, FIA!

She shared a heart-felt note on her Instagram later:

“Thanks for understanding me, accepting me with my baggages & not asking me to change .. Thanks for making me believe that it doesn’t really matter what the world says! You don’t have to but thanks for even saying that you promise to erase all my bad memories of my past and give me the brightest future ! Last but not least Thank you God 🙏🏼 for bringing us together at the most unexpected time of our lives.”

I’m so proud to call you my Fiancé 💍”, Fia said.