Pakistan’s leading singing sensation Momina Mustehsan took to her Instagram in a three-part video and opened up about overcoming depression.

The singer, who became a household name with her debut in the industry after her Afreen Afreen performance alongside Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, cleared the misconceptions surrounding her ‘elite’ life saying that it is not as easy as people think it is. “What people see is the other side of the story,” she stated.

It wasn’t easy for me,” the singer claimed, adding that “I was very depressed… I had lost all self-esteem… I came to a point I couldn’t look myself in the mirror.

You are smiling on the outside,” even though you feel devastated from the inside, she shared.

She further went on to tell her fans that what really helped her was a fortune cookie with a message that read: “ It only gets better when you get better.

Momina soon realized that “change has to come within you. Only if you love yourself, you know your own worth you will ever be happy.

She also went to lengths while speaking about her rise to freedom and how becoming an overnight success made her an “object everyone had a right to comment on.