Nadia Hussain prays for babies to die after the PIA incident

  • She justified her statement saying, "Eye for an eye"

LAHORE – Nadia Hussain has been empowering women since years with her bold persona when it comes to sensitive topics that other women are meek to discuss. She recently started a social media trend #wokeuplikethis in which she challenged other celebrities to snap themselves barefaced, without a pint of makeup.

The latest news is that Nadia took to the social media to wish death upon the children of women.

The whole episode started when a video of a woman emerged on social media while she was screaming for help on a flight from Paris to Pakistan to save his infant, who was reportedly unconscious due to suffocation as air conditioning of PIA was faulty. While some people sympathized with the woman, others were cruel – many of them women – and called it dramatic.

It was these brutal comments that made supermodel lose her calm and made a video about it. In the video, she called these social media users “PATHETIC LOW LIFE” while reading some of their comments.

This didn’t stop here, she went on and wished death upon the children of those who made these harsh comments. Watch the video here.

Her action was taken well until she made a death wish for innocent children. Here is how social media reacted to it.

Nadia responded to the criticism with another video on her Instagram handle saying that she sticks to her views and is not sorry for any offense caused because her sentiments are true.

Eye for an eye!!!! Think before you comment!!!!!

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Moreover, Nadia had tagged the wrong “official PIA” as a girl commented saying she is not the one Nadia wanted to mention. OOPS!

Dear Nadia, we agree that these comments were brutish but what you said can’t be justified either. Aren’t you a mother yourself? Yes! Islam says an eye for an eye, but it also says everyone has to pay their own debt and not their children have to pay for it.

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