DUBAI: Television anchor and Pakistani actress Nadia Khan has filed a police complaint against the  CEO of a prominent American talent hunt agency where her 14-year-old daughter Alizah Khan was engaged in an audition in Dubai last week, accusing the man of assaulting her.

In an interview with Gulf News, she shared, “My daughter wanted to audition for this Disney thing happening here in Dubai. She was given two lines to read. When she said her lines, this person grabbed her from the shoulders and pulled her. It happened so quickly. He said his line. Before he also said lines but he didn’t touch anyone. He grabbed her very, very roughly. I couldn’t watch very clearly. I couldn’t understand what was happening. And then he pushed her and my daughter fell on a parent.”

“My daughter went to the bathroom. She didn’t come out for some time. When she came out, she was crying. She was in pain, there were bruises on her arm.”

These were the pictures she posted to support her claim:

Medical reports were also added alongside her claim to verify that these bruises were indeed from an assault.