LAHORE – Actress, and performer Noor Bukhari ordered to have her husband Hamid Wali Khan kicked out from a hotel where she was attending an event. It was heard that the latter arrived without an invitation and sat beside her without consent, on Wednesday.

According to reports, the Pakistani actress was attending an event in Lahore at a local hotel when her husband Hamid Wali Khan arrived and seated himself beside her without prior information. Noor was enraged at his presence and in a fit asked him why he had arrived.

“Why did you come at the event? You and I have no relation now,” Noor was quoted saying to him.

Hotel management attempted to intervene and tried to resolve the dispute between the two. However, Noor had her husband kicked out from the hotel immediately.

After being inquired by media personnel outside, Wali explained that it was a personal issue hence he would not bring the media into it.

“It is a personal issue and I have never talked about my personal problems with the media. She is still my wife,” he exclaimed.

In the meanwhile, Noor Bukhari also made a remark of the entire incident being a ‘personal’ issue. She added that she would tender her reply in court.