Bilal Ashraf

This man is all about good looks (because we don’t find his acting too drool-worthy anyways!) Bilal is HOT, to state the very least. That dimple, the perfect height (tall guys wooo!) and of course, the charm. We think he’s got it all to make it big in 2017, after polishing some acting skills.


Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi is more than a pretty face. An active PTI member when he was part of the team, an active political commentator and someone who isn’t afraid to voice his opinions, we think he seems pretty indestructible and hot. We are in love with those puppy dog eyes and busy eyebrows, and of course, the way he wears shalwar kameez and owns it. Way to go Hamza, you’re a true representation of an amazing, confident Pakistani man.


Hasnain Lehri

We think Hasnain Lehri has the potential to act better once he kickstarts, but there is no denying how good-looking he is. His perfectly model-material looks have landed him in the acting industry after being a part of the fashion industry for a fairly long time, and he has potential to go further.


Zain Afzal

Good looks, and that Hrithik Roshan feel! We are in love with those puppy dog eyes (hint: Hamza Ali Abbasi has those too and we are in love with them!) Zain is seen in a lot of new projects and we think he has the potential to make it big in the industry; with his combined good-looks and acting skills.



Damn that dapper look & hot beard!



Ali Rehman Khan

Ali Rehman Khan is the green-eyed boy everyone is in love with, and he has great acting skills. Tall, pretty and a comical character, we think ARK is the perfect combination of wit and good looks, which is kind of hard to find in Pakistani men, to be honest. Good luck for the future!


Shehzad Noor

Shehzad Noor is also one of the most handsome men in our industry, and we think he has a lot of potential for dramas and movies.


Ahsan Khan

The humanitarian, the philanthropist, the educator, mentor, actor and script writer. Director, producer, and we can go on and on…is there anything Ahsan Khan cannot do?! And apart from that, he looks THIS good. Extremely handsome, and extremely dedicated. We are ALL DROOLS.


Sohail Sameer

Sohail Sameer has been in the entertainment business for a long time and we hate to say this and we wish it wasn’t true….he has been an under-rated actor in our industry. A man with so much potential that he GLUES you to your Television screens (whenever Jaan’Nisaar is on), Sohail Sameer is an extremely humble man, and extremely good looking, all typical Pakistani ‘desi’ hot man looks for us. We are in love with his aura and wish him the very best for his future projects, he’s one amazing actor and it wouldn’t be fair to call him anything otherwise.


Feel free to add to this list, guys!