We are failing to understand the problem with our morning show hosts, and their miserable hosting plan, not to mention the IDEA behind their shows. 

Apart from showing ‘fake shaadis’ and wearing loud makeup and heavy clothes, strutting around in heels not knowing what to talk about, there isn’t much to do except gawk (for the men) at these ladies sitting in morning shows, talking about how well-settled they are in their ‘Fashion’ or ‘Beauty’ businesses.

We are annoyed by our morning shows, but we keep watching them. Such are the double standards in our society, which is why the channels keep on airing these annoying AF shows, with equally annoying hosts who have ABSOLUTELY no idea what to talk about.

Apart from makeup techniques (which are so easily available online now, and BETTER!) and home-made products/techniques, there isn’t much to offer in these shows.

Are they talking about the world, and the current situation in different countries?

Do they talk about global warming, about how climatic change affects the entire world, including us?

Do they talk about the Rohingya Muslims stuck in Myanmar, where there are rivers of blood flowing?

Do they talk about the policies of our government, about the eradication of Taliban from our country?

Do they talk about ANYTHING of importance at all? NO.

It is very disappointing to see that people in the world have moved onto bigger things (space, studying flowers, mental diseases) and we are still stuck in the ‘looking beautiful’ and ‘getting married’ bubble.

POP IT, PAKISTANIS! Get out of your heads for once, and see what’s REALLY IMPORTANT.

How are these shows making a contribution in society? Apart from wasting time, there is nothing they seem to be doing.