Lip tattoos? Available in different colors, this summery Korean makeup product recently made waves around the globe. However, their rise has come hand in hand with allegations that these Korean peel off lipsticks are good for nothing.


Some believe the peel off lipstick will dehydrate your lips, causing peeling and bleeding especially when pulling the tattoo off. As the lip color stays on for almost a day, you might not be able to try different colors and change if you don’t like one. But it’s all hoax.

To avoid bleeding lips, never put the tattoo lipstick on chappy lips. Because then the dead skin would come off leaving a wound.



To prevent dehydration, soothe your lips with petroleum jelly or any lotion, so that the lips preserve some moisture to deal with the non-porous layer of color on your skin.


If you want to change your lip color, all you need is to embed your lips with another color. All colors of peel off lipsticks can subdue each other.

But let the tattoo be on your teeth and gums, because it the color will stay, leaving you looking like a vampire. We know you don’t want that, after all, no one wants to look like a witch.


Follow these exceptionally easy hacks and you can have evenly colored lips all day long. The matte look makes them categorically summer friendly. So, now is the time to go merry with colorful lips.