CHENNAI – A police complaint was filed against Bollywood actor and former pornstar Sunny Leone in Indian city Chennai.

A social activist Emi alias Enoch Moses submitted a representation to the Commissioner of Police to arrest actor Sunny Leone as she is promoting pornography, which is an offense as per the Indian law.

Sunny was visiting the city to take part in a dance event when the incident occurred, reported Indian Express.

In December last year, a similar incident occurred, when her scheduled visit to Bengaluru also courted a major controversy. The pro-Kannada groups held a series of protests demanding to ban Sunny from taking part in an event planned on New Year’s Eve. They alleged that her visit to the city posed a threat to the Kannada culture. Giving in to the demands of the pro-Kannada activists, the performance was eventually cancelled.

Leone is currently shooting for her upcoming first full-length Tamil film ‘Veeramadevi’. The film is releasing in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi languages.