LAHORE (Staff Report) – After many years of absence, renowned actress and director Reema Khan has announced her return to the Pakistani film industry.

According to details, she has been contacted by drama writer Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, who is working on his first film these days. Qamar has already completed the script for the new film, which will soon be handed over to Reema as well.

Nevertheless, the actress is planning to shoot the whole film in Karachi, which is an indication that she is planning to move to Pakistan again.

Media reports suggest that the film’s cast still remains to be finalized. Reema is expected to play a key role in casting as well.

Reema Khan had earlier left the film industry after getting marriage some three years ago. Her last film appearance was in “Love Mein Gum”. She has been residing in United States since her marriage.