The leader of Pakistan’s Council for Islamic Ideology, Mohammad Khan Sheerani, suggested a bill which allowed husbands to discipline their wives by ‘lightly beating’ them in May.

This caused an uproar and resulted in the 75 page proposal being rejected. However, the mere idea of such a law being passed ignited women from all over Pakistan, who have since proposed the idea of wives beating up their husbands, instead of the other way around.

Now, a senior Saudi Islamic cleric has said that wives should not hit their husbands, even in the case of self defense, claiming that such an act is disliked in Islam.

“Women must not beat their husbands even if they are defending themselves. This is a bad behavior in Islam,” said Sheikh Abdullah Al Manei, a member of the Gulf Kingdom’s seven-man Supreme Scholars Committee.

The cleric went on to suggest that hitting the husband would never solve the problem and that there should be a sort of “understanding and cohesion” between couples.

The key phrase here still remains “even when they are defending themselves” which contradicts the statement he made after suggesting the spouses should solve matters with leniency and love.