#MeToo movement in India is almost taking most popular people in Bollywood under its wrath. Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya is now accused after director Vikas Bahl, Actor Nana Patekar, Alok Nath and Singer Kailash Kher. Singer is accused by a former air hostess of sexual harassment back in 1998.

The woman explained the incident in an article published on social media which revealed how the singer approached her after she refused to dance or forge intimate relationship with him during the night while exiting a pub in Kolkata. She further explained how he almost kissed her and bit her left ear after misbehaving with her.

If this is a surprise to you then you shouldn’t be surprised as Abhijeet has been accused of sexual misconduct various times. In his statement he dismissed the claims by saying he had not even been born 20 year ago (LOL!). He also claimed that he never visited a pub in his life and won’t be found on page 3. He added girls who blamed him are ugly and fat.

“Most the people who are going out right now are dirty and ugly people. Koi mota hai koi patla hai (some are fat some are slim). Just to attract attention, they go out. Most fat abs ugly girls blame and I’m not born at this time.” He concludes by saying he doesn’t want to advertise anyone or take actions against anyone.