PR-Smart Life – a home technology studio – opened its doors to the various esteemed members of the journalism community in Lahore.

Some of the notable brands of technology available at the store include Bower and Wilkins, Audioquest, BeoPlay, McIntosh and BeyerDynamic, whose products can either be bought as standalone items (e.g. headphones) or as part of a home system.

Mudassar Jehangir (MoreMag) Iftikhkar Hussain (DigiMark), -, Hasham (SocialSauce), Zain Ali (CEO Smart Life), Talaal Burney (Marketing Head, Careem), Bilal Mumtaz (Director,, -, -, -, -, Sana Mela (, Sumaira Jehangir (MoreMag)

CEO of Smart Life, Zain Ali, remarks, “Smart Life does its best to study the life of the client to provide an optimum home solution for him”. Smart Life aims to bring its expertise in the field of specialized home technology to the public eye, with unique offerings for homes – including automated lighting, sound, and drapery systems.

The demo event was followed by an Iftaar, during which the journalists began to exchange their thoughts on how developed the tech-retail infrastructure has become in Pakistan.

Smart Life offers home delivery of their items as well, and provides customization for the client from conception to execution to completion. The event was organized by CartelPR.