Looks like the dignified Sunil Grover is not getting out of trouble in anytime soon. The organizer ‘Rajpal Shah’, he was supposed to work with, has filed a criminal and cheating case against him.

Sunil’s mid-air controversy with Kapil Sharma has got him into a legal soup.

He has not been performing live gigs for quite some time now at The Kapil Sharma Show. After appearing in Delhi, Vadodara and Assam, Sunil Grover was going to be seen in Ahmedabad.

According to reports and Rajpal’s claims, Sunil Grover’s manager took Rs 10 lakh rupees from Rajpal and decided on 20th May for Sunil’s performance but due to his tight schedule, he couldn’t make it, thereby violating the contract.

But now Devang Shah, Sunil’s manager, and event organizer talked to Ahmedabad Times and said, “We keep on getting 4-5 inquiries for one specific date regarding Sunil’s performances in India as well as abroad. In this case, we were not keen on doing the event on May 27 due to another concert happening on the same day. Rajpal Shah also enquired for the possibility of May 20, which couldn’t be worked out due to Sunil’s tight schedule. I returned the advance amount of Rs 10 lakh. So there’s no case of cheating and I have all the bank statements which I can present.”