MUMBAI – Bollywood actor Anupam Kher will play former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in a new film.

The film, titled ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’, is based on a memoir written by Manmohan Singh’s former aide Sanjay Baru.

The book takes a critical view of Singh’s first stint as PM between 2004 and 2008. The former prime minister has not made any statement on the film.

Singh was first appointed PM in 2004 after Congress party president Sonia Gandhi turned down the post, apparently to protect the party from damaging attacks over her Italian origin.

Anupam Kher has often criticised the Congress party, which was voted out of power in 2014.

He told the Economic Times that acting the “role of anyone in contemporary history” was “extremely challenging”.

“But as I have always revelled in challenges, right from my first film Saaransh (Summary), I look forward to the experience of portraying PM Manmohan Singh,” he said.