So here it is, the ‘Asliyat’ of the ‘qaum’. Last week, a new app by the name of ‘Sarahah’ emerged out of nowhere, and instantly became the new craze for Pakistanis all over.

People have become obsessed with the app, to the point that it has become their ‘MOST TRENDING’ conversation on Twitter, Facebook and all other social apps.

However, as with all things that go down in Pakistan, the social app is causing alot of disturbance to some people who ACTUALLY wanted to have fun & let friends be honest with them about their flaws, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

Instead, boys have chosen to ‘cyber-harrass’ girls they liked, making it a way of saying things without revealing their identities. It could be your best friend, it could be someone you don’t know, someone you know really well, and so forth.

Sounds a little scary, to be honest.

While Sarahah does request the user to access his/her contacts, it does NOT disclose that the data is uploaded. All the details in your phone numbers section is apparently uploaded to this app.

The creator, Zain Al-Abidin, tweeted recently that the contacts’ functionality will not be included in the FUTURE VERSIONS of the app, and that his main purpose was to develop the ‘Find your Friends’ feature. 

We surely hope that it does not give a push to cyber-harassment, because, men, there are some laws now. However, wouldn’t it be difficult to track them down with the app? Food for thought.

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