The trend of slamming eateries & restaurants with charges of selling unhygienic food is something that we have been seeing as an on-going process, and we are SO GLAD it is becoming more common.

Recently, another prominent restaurant in Hyderabad, Sindh, came under the scrutiny of the public, ‘allegedly’ selling dog meat to its customers.

A few Facebook posts, which have now been removed, posted that the ‘Hindu’ owner of the restaurant had been serving ‘DOG’ and ‘DONKEY’ meat to it’s customers, and we are frightened.

The Facebook posts claimed:

“The restaurant named ‘De Gravity’ is being blamed by a Facebook page that has been posting ‘anti-Hindu’ posts before the news as well. The page is officially linked to the Model United Nations of Liaquat University of Medical And Health Sciences (LUMHS). To inquire about the proof, a message has been sent to the page.”

“The news of the cafe selling dog meat is a huge scandal and concerned authorities need to check out if the allegations are real or not. What makes these allegations less real is the fact that the social media page has posted the following updates as well.”

“With the pattern of the posts created by the page, it seems that it is on an agenda. However, the allegations against the Hyderabad based cafe are serious and need to be checked upon by the local Assistant Commissioner under whose jurisdiction the restaurant comes in. If they are found to be incorrect, the cafe should contact cyber authorities and track the culprits for blatant defamation.”

We are not sure whether the news is real or not, because the posts are unavailable now. However, this is a developing story and shall be updated accordingly.

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