LAHORE – Two women got married and did their photoshoot in the style that we recently experienced with Eik Larki Ko Dekha Tou Aisa Laga. A lot of people in India saw the movie which was based on a lesbian love story and have called it “first of its kind and ‘progressive.’”

Inspired by the movie, Flashing Lights Photography captured a photoshoot of an Indian lesbian couple on their wedding day.

Here are the pictures of the couple.

This vision was brought to life by Maureen Bhullar, a Bollywood fan, who conceptualised the entire shoot. She claims that Bollywood and fashion are her creative outlets, and her Instagram bio reads: “I need a nap because smashing the patriarchy and performing Bollywood songs in my bedroom is exhausting.”

Well, we really think the two brides look so much alike and it is hard to point out who is who?! They really are twinning hard on their wedding day! Twinning goals?